My projects

List of open source projects

This is the list of my opben source projects (either hosted on GitHub or Bitbucket). Go to the project pages to get more details.

  • CertMgr - Java/JavaFX application for creating and maintaining X.509 certificates.
  • phpLogMon - A PHP based log file monitor and analysis tool. While generally working this project is no longer under active development and may be superseded by the LogMonD project in the future.
  • FileScanner - Java application for scanning and decoding of file data. The current version is hosted on SourceForge. Development of the next version will take place on GitHub.
  • Gentoo Extras - I use Gentoo Linux for running my linux boxes and maintain some custom for ebuilds for that.

Legal notice

All projects are distributed as Open Source and without any warranty. Use them at your own risk. See the projects' license information for further details.

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